KKM Stable students

What Our Students Say

Highly recommend to anyone for riding and training horses! Dressage is the basis of everything and Karen will help you reach your goals. I went with her over 5 years ago and within those years went from not knowing what the letters were or a 20m circle to Prix St. Georges, also thanks to my amazing schooled horse! Great place for winter riding in her indoor and stalls are always filled with straw that I would lay on too! Horses’ comfort is top priority at KKM.

Valerie G

Karen is a WONDERFUL teacher and friend! Not only will you and your horse be treated with respect, you will be treated like a real person! Karen doesn’t just run through a cycle of riders and horses every day each labeled by a time and dollar amount. She spends time and thought on each horse and rider to help each one have a positive learning experience! She will call you by name, get to know your personality, and will listen when you have questions. The school horses are wonderful and the property is absolutely gorgeous! Karen will never force you to do more than you are able and if there is fear involved she will work with you to get you through those fears. Overall KKM Stables is the place to go to enjoy your horses more!

Emily R

Karen has worked wonders with my students at LIFE! One-on-One, as well as myself!
She has a way of being able to explain things in a way that you can understand. I am always in awe of her ability to see things in the rider’s position from what she sees in the horse…and then fix it and/or improve it. We have been there for days targeted just for our group as well as the Weekend Intensives she holds during the fall/winter. Her facility is clean and tidy, yet welcoming at the same time. I highly recommend her services as a trainer and instructor. KKM would definitely be a great place to keep your horse. 77 acres plus a top-notch indoor with mirrors and good footing to enjoy year-round.

Tammy C

Karen is an excellent trainer and instructor and demonstrates the compassion, kindness, and patience required for Dressage. She cares as much about the horses in her care as she does about the students with which she works. Karen is always willing to go above and beyond to help her students reach their goals. I would recommend KKM Stables and Karen to anyone interested in ‘Enjoying their horses more”. I should also should note that the facilities are absolutely wonderful, full arena with mirrors, great stalls…the list could go on and on…Thank You Karen!

Anglea T