Dressage for the Trail

The training that KKM provides as basic training for a dressage horse, Traditional or Western will provide a very useful foundation for a horse that is to be ridden on the trail.

Balance for the Trail Horse

The focus on balance – whether it be the balance laterally under a rider (carrying the rider in the middle without tipping or leaning), the balance to carry behind and lift its front feet in a good flight pattern (reducing stumbling or catching a toe), or the balance required to speed up and slow down, go uphill or down, are all essential for enjoying your mount on the trail. These skills are taught by systematic training and are developed over time, one layer on top of the previous.

Obstacle Training

Additional emphasis on obstacles is good training for the Trail Horse. We have taken the time to build wooden bridge, gate assembly, mailbox, and have many uses for the ground poles that we keep on hand here at KKM from cavalletti, to low jumps, to grids to ride or walk or back a horse through or over. All of these things increase the horse’s confidence and create an attitude in him of “let me show you I can do this”. A horse trained in this fashion is a delightful partner on the trail.

Rider Training

Training for the rider – lessons, are useful for developing the balance in the rider so that once the horse has learned to carry, the rider can be a good partner to the horse by carrying himself in balance, easing the horse’s load and preventing confusion from conflicting signals. These lessons may be offered in groups of two to six or as individual lessons.

KKM can help you enjoy your horses more.