Group Lessons

Dressage Students, KKM Stables

Dressage Group Lessons in Traditional or Western are available on request, either at KKM or at your home facility. Please all (419) 688-1331 or e-mail to inquire about dates and fees.

Why Group Riding Lessons?

Groups are popular for those who enjoy the social interaction, who have horses or riders who are not fit enough for 45 minutes of individual instruction, or those who prefer not to be in the spotlight the whole lesson. It gives riders a chance to see others try the new skill, then they have their turn trying, or sometimes the whole group is riding at the same time for a while. A little less intensive than the, er well, Intensives, and a great way to learn and have fun for Traditional Dressage, Western Dressage, Eventers, or Pleasure Riders.

We often run one to several groups a day.